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アビーロード所属グループ ザ・パロッツ・リーダー チャッピー吉井こと 吉井守 儀
平成29年9月12日午後12時15分頃 急性心筋梗塞により急逝いたしました 享年62

ここに生前賜りましたご厚誼に深謝致しますと共に 謹んでチャッピー吉井 ザ・パロッツ・ファンの皆さまにお知らせいたします

林 ゆたか

Obituary announcement

Mr. Yoshii Mamoru, aka, Chappy Yoshii, the leader of Abbey Road affiliated group 'The Parrots' suddenly passed away due to acute myocardial infarction at about 12:15 pm on 12th September 2017 at the age of 62.

We thank you all deeply for the generosity you have shown to him during his time leading 'The Parrots'.

We would like to share the following information with 'The Parrots' fans to show our respect to 'Chappy' Yoshii.

Abbey Road Owner
Yutaka Hayashi

故 チャッピー吉井「献花の会」


期日 9月23日(土)
時間 15:00〜16:00  14:00〜16:00

場所 六本木 アビーロード


東 幸弘

Floral tributes to the late 'Chappy' Yoshii

We have arranged a special gathering, with floral tributes, for him as follows;

Date: September 23 (Saturday)

Time: Japanese local time 15: 00 - 16: 00 14: 00 - 16: 00
*There is a time change. It will start at 14:00 instead of 15:00.

Venue: Roppongi Abbey Road

We will prepare flowers at the venue.

Please kindly note we are unable to accept condolence gifts or flowers.
Dress Code: informal / smart casual

Abbey Road Manager
Yukihiro Higashi


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